Southwest Academy is a non-profit organization that provides a second opportunity for young men and women that are high school graduates who aspire to compete athletically at the collegiate level while continuing their education. A primary goal of the Academy is to equip each participant with the tools necessary for achievement, via tutoring and educational support services throughout the academic year.

Xavier Rogers

Xavier Rogers
Grambling State University

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has granted all program participants an option to enroll into a maximum of 6 credit hours per semester at the Community College level. These credit hours are transferable and will accompany each participant to their respective collegiate choice the following season. Financial Aid and Grants are available to all families that meet the necessary requirements.

Southwest Academy welcomes the high school graduate that has struggled academically and hasn’t met the N.C.A.A. clearinghouse requirements necessary to accept an athletic scholarship prior to graduation.  In addition, to young men and women who were not highly recruited nor given an opportunity to showcase their ability at the high school level.

Southwest Academy graduates have earned academic and athletic scholarships to a variety of  universities and colleges throughout the United States and Canada. Seventy-five percent of all previous program participants have been awarded scholarship opportunities to continue their academic and athletic careers at an assortment of four year institutions.

Quincy Diggs

Quincy Diggs
University of Akron

Southwest Academy has proven to be a viable option for student-athletes that were not granted the level playing field most yearn for in order to perform and exhibit their individual skill set as their peers. Program participants are able to enhance their academic standing while their athletic development continues during their overall maturation as an individual.

Southwest Academy continues to play a very demanding and highly competitive regular season schedule, which includes tournaments throughout the United States and Canada, against some of the elite junior colleges and Post-Graduate/Prep Schools in North America.

Through nationwide visibility and increased recognition, Southwest Academy has become known as one of the top Post-Graduate/Prep School programs in the United States.

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